Confocal fluorescence laser scanning microscope

  • High quality imaging by confocal microscopy /
    Compatible to standard microscope body
  • Easy and intuitive user interface / Excellent performance to price ratio
  • Customizable configuration for special experiments / Compact size

Confocal microscope - 3D measurement

  • High resolution nondestructive optical 3D measurement
  • Surface roughness measurement / Real time confocal imaging / Various optical zoom
  • Powerful analysis algorithm / Easy and intuitive software

Digital fluorescence microscope

  • Fully automated inverted fluorescence microscope /
    5 color fluorescence imaging
  • Bright field imaging / Automated X, Y, Z stage /
    Automated filter wheel changer
  • Slide glass, well plate, Petri dish compatible
NS200 series

Single laser micro Raman spectroscopy

  • Personal benchtop Raman spectrometer / Built-in optical microscope
  • Convenient dark room chamber /
    Analysis of detected signal with library database
  • Library management software / Raman mapping by stage scanning
2023 The Korean Chem…

K1-Fluo & NA-Raman will be exhibited at the 2023 Korean Chemical Society Academic Presentation held at Suwon Convention Center from Thursday, April 27 to Friday, April 28, 2023. Digital Fluorescent Laser Conformal Microscope K1-Fluo&NA-Raman for the latest technology.

2023 Spring Meeting …

K1-Fluo will be exhibited at the 2023 Korean Ceramic Society held at the Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel in Jeju from April 12 (Wed) to April 14 (Fri), 2023. Please come to K1-Fluo for the latest technology with a digitally configured fluorescent laser conventional microscope.


NS-3600 & NS-Raman will be exhibited at the 2023 Chemlab Korea Chemical and Bio Analysis Equipment Exhibition held at Songdo Convensia, Incheon, from March 22nd (Wed) to March 24th (Fri), 2023. Check out the latest technologies in the digitally configured Fluorescent Laser Confocal Microscope NA-Raman and Confocal Microscope NS-3600.