Bio imaging


Optimized configuration for your research

Laser module
Laser lines Basic lines 405, 488, 561nm (7mW each)
Optional lines 445, 473, 514, 532, 637, 640, 660, 685, 705, 730, 785nm (10mW or more), selectable up to four lines
Scanner module
K1-Fluo HD K1-Fluo RT
Scanners Two independent galvanometer mirrors Resonant scanner and galvanometer mirror
Scan resolution 128x128 ~ 4095x4095 selectable 128x128 ~ 2048x2048 selectable
Scan speed 1 ~ 1000hz variable line frequency
1.2fps at 512 x 512 pixels max.
30fps at 512 x 512 pixels (Bi-scan)
15fps at 512 x 512 pixels (Uni-scan)
Scan zoom 0.7x to 7x continuously variable 0.7x~3x continuous
Scan field Square 12.5mm divided by objective lens magnification (Field number 18)
Scan mode xy, xyz, xt, xyt, xyzt
Pinhole Motorized switching pinhole (0.5~10 Airy size)
Weight 7kg
Detector module
Detection range 400-750nm or NIR detection is customizable
Detection range Standard Highly sensitive PMT
Low light model Ultra-highly sensitive GaAsP PMT
Basic model Six channel emission filter wheel with single PMT
Sequential switching detection
Number of detector Multi-ch model Up to four PMTs with each emission filter
Simultaneous detection
Emission filter Motorized switching filter wheel or single exchangeable emission filters
Data depth 12bit
Weight 1.5 kg
Microscope module
Upright or Inverted Dedicated digital microscope body (DMB) or Commercial microscope body; Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, Leica commercial microscope with side-port
XY stage Motorized or manual stage; various travel range Various specimen holders; glass slides, well plates, Petri-dishes
Z-drive Motorized stage 15mm travel range / 250nm step size min.
PZT stage (single objective lens) 400um travel range / 1nm step size
Accessories Stage jog dial
Digital Cameras – sCMOS, high sensitivity CMOS, cooled-CCD, etc.
Weight 12kg
Electronics module
Controller Dedicated electronics; control of laser, scan module, detector module
Power consumption: 100~240V, 450VA, 50/60Hz
Weight: 19kg
PC Dedicated PC and monitor, communication with detector
Windows 7, 64bit
Power consumption: 100~240V, 900VA, 50/60Hz